Corso di Inglese-Maio-Materia

A.A. 2015-2016

Corso di Inglese – Docenti: Prof.sse Tiziana Maio e Santina Materia


Test d’ingresso

Lesson 1

Personal Pronouns

Lesson 2

Listen and Read

Match the questions and the answers

Greetings-Verb To Be-Numbers

My Name Is…


Wellcome to the Camp

Lesson 3

Revision questions and answers

Lesson 4

The Wizard of Oz

Lesson 5

The story of Hansel and Gretel

My Body

Verb To Have

Lesson 6

Mr. John

Lesson 8

English Festivites

Christmas in Australia

Lesson 9

Numeri Ordinali

Lesson 10

What’s the time

Lesson 11

Chiedere informazioni

Lesson 12

Dialogues – In a cafè


Lesson 13

Lesson 14

Irregular verbs

A day trip to Florence

Lesson 15


Come possiamo esprimere il tempo

Exercises 30-03-2016

Dialogues 27-04-2016

Everyday  Conversation

About  Holiday

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Dove siamo

Lute Santa Lucia del Mela